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Fuwante And The Messenger Of The North Wind!

douisumseta ,2018/10/11

Fuwante And The Messenger Of The North Wind! ->>>

Original Title: Fuwante And The Messenger Of The North Wind!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Family,Fantasy













































As our Heroes continue toward Ash's next Gym Battle in Eterna City, they decide to stop in at a Pokémon Center, where they discover it's being run by a Nurse Joy who happens to be married (much to Brock's chuckling dismay) with 2 young daughters who dream of following in their mom's footsteps. Their father takes care of the local power station, and when he forgets to take his lunch with him to work, the older sister, Marnie, decides to take his lunch to him using the air power of her Drifloon. Her younger sister, Paige, is always wanting to do everything her sister gets to do, and when a menacing storm comes up over the horizon and Paige starts to worry about her older sister's well being, she suddenly takes off (with Pikachu trying to hold her back) with her own Drifloon, against her mother's wishes. When Ash takes off with another Drifloon to find and rescue the little girl, Ash and Paige find themselves trapped in the storm, and then it's Paige's older sister Marnie who worries about her younger sister's fate, so she takes off to visit the place where Paige and Marnie have visited the Legendary Pokémon Suicune many times before, and pleads for help. Just as Ash and Paige are apparently out of trouble, they tumble down the side of a steep mountain, and things are looking their worst when suddenly Marnie and Suicune swoop out of nowhere and save the day! Reunited with her family and finally safe, Paige vows never again to disobey her mom, and our Heroes along with Nurse Joy's very happy brood can finally head home.


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    Fuwante And The Messenger Of The North Wind!